Ronald’s Story

“My name is Ronald from Uganda, East Africa. My mother and father did not plan to get pregnant, and so they decided to abort me at seven months, using local medicine. I thank God that I ultimately survived many abortion attempts. At 9 months, my mother gave birth to me and threw me into a garbage pit, where a Good Samaritan found me, picked me up, and took care of me as a baby. Later, I grew up as a street kid, feeding on leftover foods from the garbage pit. I was homeless and addicted to drugs, until a local pastor picked me out, rehabilitated me, and preached Jesus Christ to me. Today, I am studying for my Law Degree at the University, and am a young leader in my country. I am a voice and activist for street children and abortion survivors, and plan to develop a home for less the advantaged, marginalized children who are rampant in my country. I want to advocate for the rights of children, and to make sure that other children do not suffer what I suffered when my life was nearly stolen from me through abortion. Choice
 is not a word; it is a person, and that person is me.”