Jennifer C’s Story

“I have decided to share my story because it is a story of hope and love. I was born prematurely, at only seven months gestation. Weighing in at 2lbs, 1oz. Before I was born, I shared my life in the womb with another for a short while. Our time together was cut short when my mother had an abortion. I was not discovered until my mother noticed me moving around inside of her some time later; she had thought she was no longer pregnant, and had no idea I was living inside of her. The doctor discovered that my mother was still pregnant and was carrying twins at the time of the abortion. My mother gave me the gift of life, and I was blessed to come through all of that, and to come through so well. I now have a beautiful life, with children of my own, who are all sweet, intelligent, giving and kind. I was not rejected or forgotten. I am loved, I have hope, and I have a future! The same is true for you. No matter what you go through, you can choose to live a free, joyous, and peaceful life. You can choose to forgive others, and to have compassion.”