Imre’s Story

“My name is Imre Teglasy, and in 1952, I survived multiple abortion attempts. My father was a major in Hungary till the end of the Second World War. Later he was declared a class-enemy of the new Communist regime, and was removed with his wife and two sons from Budapest to the Great Hungarian Plain (or the puszta). They were ordered not to leave their dwelling place. He could hardly find the most basic job, and he and his family were starving…In this sad plight my mother realized she was pregnant. My father did not favor the abortion, but my mother did not want to carry me to term, so she sought out a doctor who would be wiling to perform the abortion, and found one. However, class enemies were not allowed to leave the puszta, so she tried to abort me in multiple attempts, and ultimately took pills to induce miscarriage. However, I miraculously survived.

I first heard the story of my birth accidentally, when I was 12 years old. My mother and I had a strained relationship, but after so many years of struggling with rejection, I finally was able to reconcile with her just before her death. Hope, forgiveness, and reconciliation are always possible, even in the most dififcult of situations.

My wife and I feel so blessed by our 12 living children (two of whom are in North Carolina). I have dedicated my life to my organization, which saves innocent human lives, by caring for and loving pregnant women in crisis situations. I mourn the six million Hungarian chlidren, and the two billion children worldwide, who, unlike me, did not survive abortion. Eurpose is losing its indigenous population to abortion, as we riot against biological law. I wish all people and nations understood the full Gospel message, and the truth about the value of human life, which is part of the natural law written on all human hearts. Please give peace a chance and see the faces of those who are more than blood within the womb.”