Hope’s Story

“When I was 10 ½ weeks gestation my birth mom had an abortion. She didn’t know I was still alive until she felt me move. Then she chose to give me life. I was born 2 ½ months early, weighing 3lbs, 6 oz. My injuries from the failed abortion were numerous and life threatening. I suffered a large injury to my head from the abortion instrument, and due to this I had brain damage at birth. I have cerebral palsy as a result of the abortion procedure; I still have seizures, and have a rod in my back to help my scoliosis.
I always knew I was adopted. I didn’t always understand about abortion, but I knew I had a large scar on my head, and to this day it reminds me how God spared my life when I was in the womb.

I first met my birth mom when I was 12 years old. My adoptive mom arranged the meeting. I saw my birth mom and I knew she loved me, and I loved her like I had always known her. I know my birth mom made a wrong choice, but I forgive her and will always love her. I thank God He saved me; I know He has a plan for both of our lives.

In preparing for this recording, I became very upset while thinking about how some people say that an unborn child is not a person. Being small, different, or not yet born doesn’t change who you are; I know this better than most. I want to tell my story so people will see that I am much more than a choice. My name is Hope, and I am and have always been human, valuable, and loved. I am thankful for my life; God is always there with me and He gives me what I need.”